The alleged intellectual author of the murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci falls

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The Ministry of Security of El Salvador reported the arrest of Margaret Chacon, Colombian citizen and alleged mastermind of the death of the Paraguayan prosecutoror Marcelo Pecci, murdered in Cartagena, Colombia, in May of last year.

According to the Ministry of Security, the Salvadoran authorities began the search operation for Chacón after receiving information from INTERPOL Colombia warning that "one of those involved in this cowardly murder entered the country on May 26, 2022“, just a few days after Pecci's death.

The Salvadoran Minister of Security, Guillermo Villatoro, reported that the suspect could have been "making trips to different countries in Latin America", with the exception of Colombian territory.

INTERPOL of El Salvador made all the arrangements with the Attorney General of the Republic and (...) we began to carry out all the procedures to proceed with the arrest of Margaret Chacón.

The Ministry of Security reported the arrest of Wilber Geovanny Rodríguez Huezo, a Salvadoran citizen who allegedly had helped Chacón hide from the authorities.

The Colombian press reports that Chacón is the sentimental partner of Andrés Pérez Hoyos, a Colombian drug trafficker arrested last weekend along with his brother. Both brothers recognized this week before the Justice to have been related to the murder of Pecci.

Chacón is considered as "the mastermind behind the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor“, because it was she who would have coordinated the attack against Pecci, and would have hired and paid the hitmen who executed him.

Villatoro said that the Central American country "will not be a refuge for criminals", thus confirming that Chacón will soon be handed over to the Colombian authorities "so that she can answer before the Justice of that country."

Pecci's murder occurred in May 2022 in Cartagena when he was celebrating his honeymoon there with his wife. In addition to the Pérez brothers, both in prison, five other people have been arrested, four of them already sentenced to 23 years in prison. (Europe Press).

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