The 5 things you should know about the Qatar 2022

The 5 things you should know about the Qatar 2022 World Cup

This is how the teams arrive at the World Cup. What you should NOT do in Qatar. Messi’s last World Cup? This is what you need to know to start the World Cup in Qatar 2022. First the truth.

1. The World Cup begins!

Today the expected and atypical World Cup in Qatar 2022 begins with the confrontation between Qatar and Ecuador. Here is a review of the groups, the dates and times of the matches to choose the next world champion. At our Qatar 2022 special page You will find the calendar, the tables of each group, the results and the minute by minute of the matches.

2. This is how your country arrives at the World Cup

Not all the countries in our region qualified for the World Cup, but the representation of several Spanish-American teams is very important. that’s how they arrive Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Ecuador Y Costa Rica to the World Cup.

Varsky: What to expect from the Argentine team after changes in its roster? 5:56

3. All about Qatar

Qatar is a unique and highly controversial venue, expected to host the world’s greatest sporting event. Here, everything you need to know about the Qatar election as the venue for the 2022 World Cup, including the countries to which it was imposed, the controversies and the general process of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) to choose the site of the tournament. Also: when was it created? Qatar and what was there before? How many people died as part of the construction of the stadiums in Qatar? And: this is the situation in Qatar for the community LGBTQ, women and migrants.

What to do or visit in Qatar during the World Cup? 2:00

4. The absent and the promises

Every four years, the World Cup brings together the best soccer players on the planet. However, some figures are always missing because their teams fail to qualify for the highest football event. We introduce you to the 5 football figures who will not be in Qatar 2022. In addition, FIFA highlighted 5 young strikers who will play their first World Cup in Qatar 2022. There are two South American players on the list, look who it is.

This is how the stadiums of the World Cup in Qatar will cool 19:02

5. The history of the World Cups

To return to the World Cup is to remember all the previous ones. Are they historic champions and the parties unforgettable. There are unusual and exciting anecdotes from the 21 previous editions. Know how it was the old World Cup trophy. And also the top 5 of the surprises in the World Cups.

Call for Brazil: surprises and curiosities 0:48

at coffee time

What you should NOT do in the World Cup in Qatar 2022

The official website of the World Cup indicates, in his words, that Qatar is a “relatively conservative” country, but emphasizes that hospitality is a cornerstone of local culture. and that all fans will be welcome. But there are several restrictions.

Qatar will ban the sale of alcohol in stadiums 1:32

Of love and drama: the movie life of Luis Suárez

When Luis Suárez celebrates a goal, he kisses the wedding band on his right hand and then three fingers, which he later raises, alluding to Delfina, Benjamín and Lautaro, his children with Sofía Balbi. What many do not know is that Sofía, in addition to being his partner since they were barely teenagers, is a powerful reason behind the striker’s success.

These are the figures of the Cavani-Suárez duo 1:01

Who will be the heroes of Qatar 2022?

A few hours from the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the journalist Juan Pablo Varsky analyzes the possible figures of the championship. Who are the promising players? whatWhat are the expert’s favorites? Know your answer.

The heroes of Qatar 2022, according to Juan Pablo Varsky 1:31

Lionel Messi’s last World Cup?

Is this the last Cup for one of the best footballers in the world? Hear what an expert says.

Like this it has gone him to Messi in the world-wide ones 1:55

How to watch the World Cup on TV and internet

If you did not manage to travel to Qatar and want to watch the games on television, on your computer or cell phone, here we tell you how to do it on Mexicoin Argentinain USAin Spain and in Colombia.

the figure of the day

$42 million

FIFA said $440 million goes to World Cup prizes, which will be distributed in each of the tournament’s phases: groups, round of 16, quarter, third and fourth places, and the World Cup final. The champion will win US$ 42 million.

The 5 most expensive teams in the Qatar 2022 World Cup 1:14

quote of the day

“Qatar is a mistake”

Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president in 2010, when Qatar received the rights to host the 2022 World Cup, said that “Qatar is a mistake.” He added that “the election was bad.”

Qatar 2022 and human rights: this is the opinion of the England coach 4:37


And to finish…

The incredible feat of 4 Argentine fans: they arrived in Qatar by bicycle!

Four Argentine fans achieved their goal: to reach Qatar by bicycle. After pedaling more than 10,500 kilometres, they arrived in time for the World Cup.

The incredible feat of 4 Argentines: they arrived in Qatar by bicycle! 0:53