The 5 moments that marked Messi's time at PSG

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Lionel Messiworld champion with Argentina in Qatar 2022officially lived his last moments at the head of the Paris Saint-Germainafter the club will announce its final exit this Saturday morning after the game against Clermont.

Recognized by many as the best footballer in history, Leo arrived in Paris as one of the most important signings in the sport after leaving the FC Barcelonaand then, we leave you the five moments that marked the ups and downs for the albiceleste in Gallic lands.

He August 10, 2021 Messi once again shocked the world of soccer, this time signing a two-year contract, with the possibility of an extension for an additional year, with PSG, this after breaking his professional relationship with FC Barcelona, ​​a team he has represented since his debut in 2004.

Integrating himself to the trident, now made up of him, his former teammate and Brazilian star Neymar Jr. and the young French jewel kylian mbappethe illusions of the Parisian club went through the roof, with football fans waiting for when they will get the first Champions League in the club's history.

Unfortunately, the arrival of Messi could not live up to expectations and, what could have been one of the most dominant teams in history, never shone at the level of his time with the Blaugrana.


Messi had his first goal for the Gauls in an unbeatable setting: in Champions League before him Manchester Cityone of the favorites to sign him before deciding to go to Ligue 1.

In the victory 2-0 about the Citizens, the Argentine was conjugated for the first time with Mbappé, who on a wall, assisted Messi in his first goal away from Barçagiving a performance that was not repeated frequently in his two periods with PSG.

Earlier this season we had arguably the best performance of the trident Messi-Neymar-Mbappéwhich although it promised, whether due to injuries, suspensions or poor performance, could rarely be combined to dominate as expected.

That afternoon, however, the three figures came to play, with Mbappé scoring a tripletNeymar a doublet and Messi having a solitary goal, but the combinations and football shown by the three figures left nothing more than a taste of what could have been one of the best attacks in history.


Despite never showing the level that characterized him in Spanish football, the Argentine's greatest legacy in France is his championship goalssince he scored the two decisive goals for PSG to be crowned league champions.

Both goals came in draws 1-1the first against RC Strasbourg Alsacewith which the capitalists moved away from Lens to be crowned.

The second goal came in an even more special setting for the Argentine, since it was his both number 496 in any of the five major european leaguessurpassing the 495 of Cristiano Ronaldo and marking another milestone in his historic career.

Unfortunately for Messi and his football legacy, his arrival had only one mission and it always escaped PSG's hands: to win the Champions League.

Despite his good times with the Parisians, what broke his relationship with the fans was the team's inability to win the 'orejona', leaving his way in the knockout phase and sometimes even letting go of advantages that seemed definitive.

Now PSG will seek to rebuild around mbappe to win the international tournament, but still achieving it, the inability of those commanded by Messi to be crowned is something that will always be present in the conversations of whether Leo is indeed the best footballer to play the game.


Now there is only one question to be resolved around Messi and it is where will he go?

With offers from the Saudi Arabian football leaguehis possible arrival at Miami Inter in the MLS or his return to Barcelonathe future of Messi could mean a historic return to his best form or, in contrast, the beginning of the end of one of the most iconic sports careers in history.

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