The 4T will no longer do anything in security


Ruben Cortes.

Lost case: the week saw a mass execution in Michoacán, a massacre in Puebla, bloody barbarism in the Querétaro stadium, and the murder of a filmmaker in CDMX. And the president insists that the solution to crime is to moralize people.

The Chief Executive considered yesterday that the violence that Mexico is experiencing is the product of social inequality. He is shooting himself in the foot: come on, if crime is the product of inequality, then his government is the one that has achieved the least equality.

Yes, because in the first 38 months of this government, 113,508 Mexicans have been murdered; while in the Vicente Fox government 43 thousand 77 were registered; in Calderón (45 thousand 417) and in Peña (67 thousand 338).

In addition, according to the government itself, just last year the number of extreme poor in the country increased by 2.1 million, which meant an increase from 8.7 to 10.8 million people who do not have enough to eat, from 2020 to 2021.

It means that the social programs that the current government presumes to eliminate poverty have been of no use, to which it supposedly dedicates 3.4 billion pesos for poor people, indigenous people, Afro-Mexicans and women.

Yes: this government exercises three and a half billion pesos through social programs, which is practically half of the entire federal budget programmed for 2022, which is seven billion pesos.

So, if we are guided by the presidential thesis that insecurity ends if inequality is reduced, it means that the government’s failure on this issue is catastrophic, since 113,508 Mexicans are murdered: one every 17 minutes.

In the global measurement of insecurity, last year Mexico registered a total of 33 thousand 315 murders, and finished as the third country with the most murders on the planet, behind Brazil (50 thousand 33) and India (42 thousand 879).

In the global comparison of homicides per hundred thousand inhabitants, Mexico is sixth (26.8 percent), after Jamaica, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia and South Africa. Note that Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia have governments similar to Mexico.

Where do those 3.4 billion pesos dedicated to combating inequality go then, which, according to the president, is the cause of the high crime rate that plagues the country? It is evident that they are going to buy votes for the current elections.

Just as the governments of Venezuela, Honduras, and Bolivia do, which are also the poorest countries on the continent, which indicates that populism is a producer of poverty and high crime.

That is populism.

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