The 43, the great pending

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Nine years have passed since the black night of Iguala and we still do not know the fate of the 43 boys from the Ayotzinapa Normal School and, to make matters worse, the current government, far from clarifying what happened, intends to foist on us a version that very much resembles the so-called “historical truth,” which officials like JesĂșs Murillo Karam fabricated during the PRI government of Enrique Peña Nieto.

The families of the “disappeared” boys have as their lawyer Vidulfo Rosales, whom a government bootlicker calls a “protagonist and even exhibitionist” litigator, all because he rejects the criminalization of the victims and the offering of a biased report, while the relatives of the normalistas demand that the whereabouts of the young people be clarified. Is it too much to ask?

It is plausible that - finally - a hundred defendants have been prosecuted, including two generals and 18 other soldiers, but we continue to ignore the whereabouts of the Ayotzinapa boys, we do not know if they are alive or if, as we unfortunately fear, They were killed.

The current government of the Republic is indebted not only to the students of the aforementioned normal school, but to the entire society. The 43 students - there are 41, a very learned journalist from Cuatrotero points out - represent an emblematic case of the more than one hundred thousand "disappeared", a number that other sources raise to 300 thousand, which makes Mexico the leading country in Latin America in this line and also in murders, which are more than 350 thousand.

Of course, the authorities say that the real numbers are much lower, and they want us to believe it, but the truth is that the policy of hugs, not bullets It has been a convincing invitation to commit a crime. The prisons, it is true, are overcrowded, but not because criminals are effectively combated, but because half of the prisoners have not received a sentence and because there are many innocent people awaiting sentencing and with them are numerous prisoners for trivial reasons. , since it is already known that whoever steals a bolillo can spend years in prison, while the Lozoyas, the Collados and other specimens can be free and even have the luxury of not repairing the damage, even if the ruling forces them to do so, as This is the case of Alonso Ancira, who now lives very peacefully in the United States.

Unfortunately, there is no basis to assume that things will be different. The defense of the soldiers detained for the disappearance of the 43 wants people such as Alejandro Encinas, undersecretary of the Interior, to appear before the judge; Omar GĂłmez Trejo, who served as prosecutor in the case, and up to two members of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts, which has been denied military files and closed its doors on several occasions. Those who know say that Mexican officials would be obliged to appear, but not the members of the GIEI, who enjoy diplomatic immunity.

To a large extent, the scoundrels leave prison due to the ineptitude or corruption of the representatives of the Public Ministry, if not because those who make up the files, with multiple errors and gaps, allow the defenders to take advantage of them, which is the pretext for judges to unworthy justify rulings favorable to white-collar criminals.

With such data, it is perfectly explainable that in this six-year period the number of murdered and missing people has grown. It is not a new phenomenon, but many Mexicans expected the current government to effectively combat criminals and law enforcement agents who engage in corruption and other crimes. There is nothing of that, other than scolding and attacks on figures in the Judiciary who do not adhere to the interest of the Executive.

In one year the six-year term will be over. What follows, as the ruler must know, is the judgment of history.

Humberto Musacchio
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