The 4 priorities of Biden and AMLO in the fight against cartels

The Administration of President Joe Biden highlighted the relationship with the Government of Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador in economic, immigration and public security matters, pointing out four priorities in the fight against drug cartels.

Through the new Bicentennial Framework, which in Mexico is known as the Bicentennial Understanding, both administrations will reorient their efforts in the fight against organized crime: 1) attend to public health, 2) reduce homicides, 3) attack the finances of criminal groups and 4) maintain legal actions.

This was announced by a White House official in a session with reporters about the Summit of the Americas to be held in June in Los Angeles, California.

“The approach, in general, I think I would summarize, is one that focuses on public health, reducing homicides, fighting the business models of the cartels – specifically illicit finance – and then the development of judicial capacity” , the official stated in general terms.

He added that the High-Level Security Dialogue that took place last October made it possible to advance with the new framework of actions on the matter, which was launched in December.

It was something that established the Bicentennial Framework for Security, what we would say is basically a new framework for security cooperation with Mexico that looks at not only the challenges that Mexico faces but, frankly… also the responsibilities and the challenges that the United States has,” the official acknowledged.

He highlighted the need to assume “shared responsibility” in the fight against organized crime.

“(Actions) not only on the application of the law, but on the opportunity, and a new type of approach… to go after transnational criminal organizations,” he insisted.

This week, the White House Security Council confirmed to this newspaper that part of the security agreements is to allow Mexican agents operate in the US

“We appreciate that Mexico allows the deployment of our law enforcement agents to collaborate with the Mexican authorities,” said a spokesman. “We are pleased to host Mexican criminal justice officers to work with us and penetrate criminal organizations in the United States.”

Economy and immigration

He stressed that Mexico is the first country with which the US focused its efforts on the supply chain, but also on the plan to try to stop irregular immigration with projects in Central America, a strategy coordinated by the vice president kamala harris.

“The High-Level Economic Dialogue that we launched with Mexico really produced projects on supply chain coordination, border modernization, our coordination on development in Central America,” the official said. “It is the first supply chain working group that the United States has with another country on telecommunications, health security and other issues.”

The official emphasized that part of the effort with Mexico is to improve its asylum and immigrant protection system.

“We need to strengthen the capacity of our partners, such as Mexico, to have robust asylum and protection systems,” he said.

He celebrated the efforts with which Mexico is advancing with its international cooperation agency with “short-term” employment programs, without specifying which ones.

Mexico is expected to have a key participation in the Summit, after President López Obrador proposed to President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to create a kind of European Union in Latin America.