The 2023 Caribbean Series inaugurates in Venezuela | News

The LXV Caribbean Baseball Series, Greater Caracas, was inaugurated this Thursday at the Sim贸n Bol铆var Monumental Stadium.


President of Venezuela hands over Sim贸n Bol铆var Stadium

The act began with the interpretation of the Caribbean Baseball Confederation, which gave way to a set of lights that warned of the entrance of the artistic protagonists of the evening.

The music of the great event was in charge of one of the best soneros in the world, the Venezuelan 脫scar D麓Le贸n, and the Sim贸n Bol铆var Symphony Orchestra.

One of the main classics by 脫scar D’Le贸n, Llorar谩s, began the performance of the singer-songwriter who, despite being almost 80 years old, was on the grass of the Caracas colossus for about an hour.

In the middle of each performance, the singer dedicated an improvisation to the team he supports, the same one that will represent Venezuela in the fight, Leones del Caracas.

At the end of the musical moment, the colors and the spectacular pyrotechnics gave way to the start of the clash between the Federales de Chiriqu铆 of Panama and the local team.