The 10 months left on the President's agenda

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Thanks to his powerful propaganda apparatus and communication force, the President of the Republic has achieved, to put it metaphorically, a strange inversion in the positions that occupy the government's agenda and the time he has to deploy and materialize it. In effect, the speech that the Executive maintains shows us that, in its version of things, time is at the service of its priorities and not, as happens in the harsh and subversive reality, time subjects us all, and It's relentless.

There is no doubt, and it was clear from the beginning of his mandate: his priority is to consolidate a political-social movement in power; Later, he assumes, someone will come to govern and do so following the principles and values ​​he proclaims, even when there is no evidence that his mandate has been characterized by putting them fully and unwaveringly into practice.

Unfortunately, the priority for the remainder of the mandate will be to rebuild in its own way what was left of Acapulco and its surrounding regions and try to show that everything was done in the best possible way; This, in a context in which it was not possible to contain the broad mosaic of violence that threatens us or to design a long-term economic strategy that recovers the capacity for growth, collection and sustained increase in the productive investment of the State.

Their priorities are and have always been determined by electoral profitability and personal popularity. Without saying it, and perhaps paradoxically, he adopted Vicente Fox's idea that governing is communicating, and vice versa. But in both cases he lost sight of the fact that propaganda and communicative capacity have limits, given by the conditions that really exist in their environments.

The time left is, in terms of ability to govern, minimal. And the destruction caused by the hurricane Otis It comes just at the moment when the dispute over local positions is decisive and in which the possibility of obtaining a majority in Congress in the 2024 election is at stake. Therefore, the President's effort to change the topic in opinion public and try to contain the time bomb that is there.

Violence continues to overwhelm and the definitive data, both from Inegi and the National Public Security System, show that the alleged downward trend in homicidal violence in the country has stagnated, and what is happening in Chiapas and Guerrero, and what has remained a permanent condition in the states with the highest rates and cases of homicides, they announce a closure of administration with an active presence of organized crime in the elections, imposing vetoes in several regions, but also very likely increasing terror in the population and the challenge to the State.

As can be seen, we are once again faced with a kind of “duplicated world”, in which two alternate realities are in dispute. The President and his team have opted for the strategy described in the worn-out phrase of seeing “the glass half full,” and, on the other hand, a distressing reality that is expressed in suffering, fear, pain, anguish, despair in the face of what uncertain of the present and the gloomy of the future.

The scarce 35 effective weeks of government that the President has left will pass extremely quickly; Well, we cannot ignore, in addition, the fact that, as of May 30, 2024, the so-called “electoral ban” will come, in which his communication strategy must be moderated; and that starting in June he will have to coexist respectfully with whoever the new president-elect is, in addition to there also already being a new Congress with which he will coexist for the last month of his mandate.

The months to come will be characterized by complexity and uncertainty, so, for the good of Mexico, it is desirable that the Executive decides to act from its investiture as head of the Mexican State.

Mario Luis Fuentes
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