That means Traka, the viral word of TikTok

That means Traka, the viral word of TikTok
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The short video platform that has had a 'boom' in recent years, TikTokhas demonstrated the source of origin of new expressions and viral trends, such as the word 'Traka', butwhat does it mean and in what situations is this used expression What has captivated Internet users?

In the world of social networks, a new expression which quickly went viral, it's about 'Traka'. Here the meaning of the wordits possible Origin on TikTok and uses that the community has given to this latent expression.

Meaning and how to use word 'Traka'

TikTok It is the global axis of viralization, as it facilitates users with content that is adopted and reproduced in massive trends. In the case of 'Traka', the word It spread from user to user, generating a message that captured the attention of millions of viewers.

Just like 'chingar' or 'chido', a new word joined the Mexican slang. However, like many others'Traka' can have many meanings, although it is used especially in A situation.

The word 'Traka' is used as expression before an event that generates surprise or impact, whether in the climax of gossip or problem that keeps Internet users in suspense. Users use it as a linguistic resource to add a touch of emotion to its contents.

In other words, 'Traka' could supply to the old ones expressions of 'Papas', 'Take it' or 'Zaz'they don't really have a meaningbut they emulate the sound of a blow or the advent of a problem.

In addition to the meaning of amazement, 'Traka' has also been adopted as an expression of approval and enthusiasm. Users use it to show acceptance or liking for something in particular, thus the favorite to celebrate the positive and outstanding.

What is the origin of 'Traka'?

As it was expected, TikTok was the medium where the 'Traka' expression, to other social networks. However, surely an influencer had to be the starting point for this word to catch on. will viralize quickly.

Although there is no confirmation or clear information, It is believed that the possible content creator who used the word 'Traka', until influencing the way of manifesting his followers, was Yeri Mua.

The influencer with more than 17 million followers on TikTok, was crucial in the popularization of 'Traka', by incorporating the word in his videos, using it authentically when recounting his events or trends.

So now that you know what 'Traka' means and what was the possible source of origin of this curious word with different interpretations, you can use it in your daily conversations or videos of TikTokas Yeri Mua.

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