That always yes... Mexico will have fans in its next official match

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A little less than a week after the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) announced that the Mexican Soccer Federation would punished with a party veto without an audience due to controversial cry that the local fans expressed in the World Cup Qatar 2022the FMF highlighted that the sanction has been withdrawn.

In an official statement, the Mexican Federation announced that, after appealing the decision made by FIFA last week, the Mexican National Team if they will be able to play their next match with spectators.

After having requested clarification from FIFA and the scope of the sanction, said body has confirmed that the Mexican National Team will be able to play its next match with spectators, with the understanding that the FMF is in a 2-year observation period, Therefore, if any discriminatory conduct on the part of Mexican fans is repeated, FIFA, in due course, may make said prohibition effective.

Likewise, the FMF reiterated its commitment "to continue working to prevent and eradicate any discriminatory act or conduct on and off the pitch."

The Mexican fans has already been involved in multiple controversial sanctions for the cry of "ehhhhh puto" when rival goalkeepers clear the ball during 'Tri' matches, so this new penalty was only the latest in the unfortunate saga.

The match in which the Mexican team would have been forced to play without an audience despite the location was the match corresponding to the Concacaf Nations League of the day March 25th against Jamaican national team.

(With information from fmf Y Aristegui News)

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