Thanks to his performance in El Tráfico, Riqui Puig was chosen as the best player of matchday 23 in the MLS

Riqui Puig celebrating a goal against LAFC in El Tráfico of the MLS.

Photo: Armando Arorizo ​​/ EFE

The Spanish midfielder Riqui Puig was the key for the LA Galaxy to win the three points against Los Angeles FC (LAFC) in the last edition of El Tráfico, which obtained a record of 82,110 people. As a result, the medium was chosen this Thursday best player of the day 23 in the MLS.

Puig scored Tuesday's winning goal for the Galaxy 2-1 against LAFCand also provided an assist, so that the historic edition of the Los Angeles derby, for said record number of spectators at the Rose Bowl stadium, would remain in the hands of the team where Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández lives.

Every player wants to be in these games. I don't play for money, but for these experiences (…) I've had a great time as a small child and I think I've given a great level”, Puig pointed out at a press conference after the match.

The former Barcelona player, in addition to being trained at La Masía, gave an exhibition in attack to boost a Galaxy that was in great need of happiness since it came to that game against LAFC as penultimate in the West, with four straight draws and with a season full of disappointments after the long-term injuries of the Mexican Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández and the Uruguayan Martín Cáceres.

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez.
Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández, Mexican striker for the LA Galaxy of MLS. Photo: EFE/ARMANDO ARORIZO.

Photo: EFE

Tyler Boyd scored the first goal for the Galaxy and the Spanish Ilie Sánchez scored the target for LAFC, team that has lost twice in the season against the white team of Los Angeles in the season, one for the US Cup, United States Cup, and another in the MLS.

With renewed spirits, the Galaxy will face Philadelphia Union at home this Saturday in the next MLS Matchday, where all the fans of the team expect Puig to have another outstanding performance in order to continue on the road to victory.

Spanish footballer Riqui Puig of the LA Galaxy.
Spanish footballer Riqui Puig of the LA Galaxy. Photo: Armando Arorizo ​​– EFE.

Photo: EFE

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