Texas Governor to Deploy Tank Type Vehicles Against Migrant Invasion

Texas Governor to Deploy Tank-Type Vehicles Against Migrant ‘Invasion’

At least 10 armored military transport vehicles in the company of 50 soldiers trained personnel will be deployed between the Texas-Mexico border, according to a planning report to which he had access The Texas Tribune Y Army Times.

armored vehicles are M113 models that were designed to transport infantry troops through battlefields and in the United States they have been used to transport SWAT equipment.

As of March 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety to the border while lashing out at President Joe Biden for his moves to address America’s immigration issues.

Similarly, the Republican governor announced via Twitter that he was invoking the “invasion clauses” of the United States Constitution as a emergency measure to allow state authorities to take “unprecedented action” against immigration.

The revealing documents Army Timesy The Texas Tribune indicate that the order to deploy armored vehicles is from the Texas Military Departmentso in a written statement last Friday he said the following:

The Texas National Guard is taking unprecedented steps to safeguard our border and to repel and turn back immigrants attempting to cross the border illegally.

(With information from Christian Granados)