Tesla will pay its Ukrainian employees in the US for 3 months if they are recruited to fight Russia


Elon Musk has been active on social media to speak out about the war in Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian Tesla employees who were required to defend their country from the Russian invasion will continue to receive their salary for at least three months, the company said in an email sent to its workers this week.

The email, which was sent to employees in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regionpoints out that Tesla plans to re-evaluate how the war between Russia and Ukraine is developing to decide whether to extend this measure or if it is necessary to carry out others.

The message was sent on March 7 by the director of Tesla for Northern Europe, Axel Tangen.

“To any Tesla employee who is a Ukrainian citizen and has been asked to return to Ukraine for active duty as a reservist, we will keep your employment and salary for 3 monthswith a view to evaluating after this period as necessary,” the email states.

In addition, it refers that, although the company does not operate in Ukraine, some 5,000 Tesla owners in the country and other drivers of electric vehicles could get free vehicle charging at some of their Supercharger stations in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

The company invited its employees to make donations to reputable organizations that serve the needs of Ukrainians.

Elon Musk’s measures to help Ukraine

This is one of the latest measures implemented by millionaire Elon Musk to provide support to Ukraine since it was invaded by Russia.

Days ago, SpaceX, also owned by Musk, announced the shipment of 50 terminals for its Starlink network to Ukrainea service that gives access to the Internet thanks to the use of satellites, to help the country counteract the difficulties that have been created by Russian interference during the invasion.

In addition, Musk has made various statements about the actions that governments should take on energy sanctions on Russia.

Just this Tuesday he pointed out that Europe should increase its nuclear energy production restarting inactive nuclear power plants in fear of a gas shortage due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to counter European dependence.

“Fortunately, it is now very obvious that Europe needs to restart idle nuclear power plants and increase power output from existing ones,” the billionaire tweeted. “This is essential for national and international security.“, he added.

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