Terror at a taco stand; armed group kills five customers and wounds two

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Around 9:00 a.m., at least 10 individuals armed with assault rifles arrived at a taco shop located in Tacámbaro, Michoacán, and without saying a word, the gunmen opened fire on diners; They killed five people and injured two.

“It was about three minutes, at most. The gunshots left me half deaf because they were many and in a row,” said a man who was approximately 20 meters from the crime scene.

Three men and a woman were killed, their bodies left a very short distance from each other. They died instantly after receiving at least four bullets each, police sources reported.

One of the men was a municipal police officer, escorting Ricardo Moriya Sánchez, brother of Artemio Moriya Sánchez, municipal president of Tacámbaro. The official's blood relative, of “morenista” origin, was seriously injured during the shooting.

According to official information, Griselda A and her husband Marco Antonio V, parents of Diego Yahir, who disappeared last September and were eagerly sought by his loved ones, died in the attack.

According to testimonies made by Griselda and Marco Antonio during the search for their son, they were threatened by alleged criminals so that they would abandon their attempts to locate Diego Yahir, but they gave up until today when they were murdered.

The fifth murdered, named Alberto N., was a fruit seller, who was there as a diner.

The shooting also left another police officer injured; He also had the task of taking care of the mayor's brother; He carried a pistol and rifle, but according to initial investigations he did not repel the attack.

The investigations into the multiple crime have as their main lines of investigation, according to the authorities, an alleged attack on Ricardo Moriya Sánchez; and the threats received by the parents of the young man whose whereabouts are unknown.

Regarding Ricardo Moriya, the event that occurred on July 30, when hitmen murdered his son Yoshio Moriya Villaseñor, whom they identified as the “de facto head” of the Municipal Police and controller of all events, is also relevant to the investigation. massive events (shows) organized in Tacámbaro.

The shooting caused panic in Tacámbaro because it occurred in front of the “Nicolás de Régules” Secondary School. This violent event caused the partial closure of businesses and the suspension of classes in the afternoon shift in all the town's schools.

Tacámbaro is located 80 kilometers south of Morelia, it is recognized as a Magical Town, but in recent years it has suffered daily violence due to the dispute between members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and a local criminal group, according to reports from the Ministry of Security. State public.

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