Terrifying video: They catch a man eating a cat while walking on the street


They record a man devouring a cat on the streets of Mexico.

Photo: Capture taken from the video of @Nueva_Nota_Roja / Courtesy

They spread a scary video in Mexico, they captured a homeless man eating a cat while walking on the street. The man who appears in the recording is dedicated to steal petshe devours them raw, he is bathed in blood And so he walks in broad daylight. The mexican police he already has it in his sights, after receiving several anonymous complaints and that the video will go viral On twitter. According to some comments on that social network, it has also been seen eating dogs little ones.

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The images are strong and have horrified the inhabitants of the Mexican capital, who can hardly believe the cruelty with which this acts man in street situation, it seems that it is a movie, but it is real. The prosecution local opened an investigation and launched a search campaign to find the aggressor, who has been seen in the mayor’s office Azcapotzalcolocated north of the Mexico City.

The subject was recorded by the security cameras of the video surveillance system, just at the moment when it begins to bite the body of a cat that he carries in his hands as if it were a candy. Even some people pass by him, without noticing what is happening, but the suspect continues walking as if nothing and completely normal.

Data from Mexican authorities and civil organizations revealed that 57 percent of the population has a pet. Of this percentage, 15% have a cat. By the way, in Mexico there are more than 10.5 million of these felinesincluding those who live in houses or on the streets.

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