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The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Ecuador reported that so far eight presidential binomials have registered for the early elections, scheduled for next August 20, and recalled that this Tuesday the deadline for registering candidacies ends.


Electoral formulas formalize candidacies in Ecuador

"Political organizations can register their Presidential Binomials, virtually or in person, complying with the following requirements until Tuesday, June 13," the highest electoral body of the South American country published on its official Twitter account.

More than 13 million Ecuadorians will go to the polls on August 20 to elect a new president and renew the National Assembly, after the current president Guillermo Lasso decreed the so-called "cross death."

With the implementation of this constitutional mechanism, the conservative ruler dissolved parliament and called early elections, thus avoiding a political trial against him that would lead to his dismissal by the National Assembly.

The politicians who have registered their presidential candidacy with the CNE are: Daniel Noboa, from the Movimiento Pueblo, Igualdad y Democracia; Otto Sonnenholzner, from the Avanza and Suma parties; Yaku Pérez, from Democracia Sí; and Luisa González, from the Citizen Revolution.

Likewise, Bolívar Armijos, from the Friendly Party; Jan Topic, from the Christian Social Party; Xavier Hervás, from the Total Renewal Party; and Fernando Villavicencio, from the Construye Movement.

The last candidate, Villavicencio, close to the Lasso government, presented a proposal to, according to his words, guarantee transparency in the next elections.

The vice president of the CNE, Enrique Pita, in statements to a local media outlet, pointed out that once the candidacy registration stage is completed, the notification of the nominations to the political organizations will proceed and the period to file legal appeals before the respective instances will begin. .

The electoral campaign will last only nine days. It will start on August 8th and will end on the 16th of that month.

A possible ballot is scheduled by the CNE for the following October 15 and the announcement of the new president for the month of November.

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