Teresita de Jesús Vargas accuses the PRD member Elizabeth Pérez of exhibiting and slandering her relatives who were in plenary this Tuesday

Mexico.- The deputy Teresita de Jesús Vargas Meraz (Morena) accused the PRD deputy, Elizabeth Pérez Valdez, of exhibiting and slandering, through a video, published on her social networks, her relatives who attended the Plenary to attend the session this Tuesday.

In that sense, in statements to the press, accompanied by deputies from her bench, she demanded a public apology and warned that she will file her complaint with the Ethics Committee, so that the publication is withdrawn.

“I want to denounce an act of defamation, slander and intimidation against my brother and sister-in-law, who were publicly displayed on video made by the PRD deputy, Elizabeth Pérez,” he said.

In the video, she said, the PRD member points out that my relatives have been recording and taking photographs of the deputies of her party throughout the day, which is not true.

“They have not been recording, shouting or taking videos. My brother and sister-in-law came here peacefully to observe a session, as any deputy can bring their families or friends in for a while, so that they can be part of this session”, he pointed out.

Vargas Meraz held the PRD responsible for what could happen to her relatives, for exhibiting them.

He pointed out that it is not the first time that deputy Elizabeth Pérez has done this type of act, since she has discriminated against deputies who were advisers whom she has called “advisors or advisers.”

The deputy was accompanied by deputies Irma Juan Carlos, Guadalupe Chavira de la Rosa, Laura Imelda Pérez Segura and Olga Leticia Chávez Rojas.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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