Tere Jiménez delivers first government report in Aguascalientes

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The governor of Aguascalientes, Tere Jimenezdelivered today, September 29, 2023, his first government report to the local Congress, in which he highlighted that in this period he has maintained his commitment to govern with dialogue and consensus.

“Today I give an account of what this government has done during this first year. On June 5, 2022, Aguascalientes decided on the path of unity, peace and prosperity. From that moment, I assumed the historical responsibility of leading the State along the path of dialogue and consensus. "We are the Giant of Mexico, we are people of work and solutions, people who never give up, because we are good and hard-working people from Aguascalientes!" said Jiménez Esquivel.

Given the act that fulfills the constitutional mandate, Tere Jimenez He assured that his cabinet is at the disposal of the legislators, in case they are required for appearances.

In that sense, he explained that his government has clear strategies established to meet the objectives established from the beginning of his mandate, and in the same way his project brings Aguascalientes to the forefront, hand in hand with modern, entrepreneurial and socially responsible humanism. .

Likewise, she said she was committed to the development of the entity and, in this way, opportunities for hydrocalids are expanded, since they are the main beneficiaries of her government's improvements.

“My government is advancing with a clear direction, which gives Aguascalientes a well-defined State project, through modern, entrepreneurial and socially responsible humanism, with which we are going to put the state at the forefront as a reference for modernity, progress and innovation in Mexico and internationally. Aguascalientes does have a project, we want the society to develop, but also the ability to govern to improve; that all rights are respected, but also that duties are fulfilled; We seek the growth of the economy, but also that its benefits are distributed equitably,” the governor mentioned.

He first government report of Tere Jiménez was received by Deputy Jaime González de León, president of the Board of Directors of the state Congress, who will carry out the procedure for the purposes of the gloss of the official appearance.

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