Tenth massacre recorded so far this year in Colombia | News

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The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) recorded this Thursday the tenth massacre in Colombia in which three people died in the municipality of Ocaña in the department of Norte de Santander.


They denounce the eighth massacre in Colombia during 2022

According to the Indepaz report, three men from the same family were murdered on the Chircas road, a rural area in the municipality of Ocaña that communicates with the municipality of San Calixto.

The names of the victims are Danuil Manzano MartĂ­nez, Jannel Said MartĂ­nez Bayona and Deimer MartĂ­nez. The details of how the events occurred have not yet been specified. Danuil and Jannel were found first and some time later they found the body of Deimer MartĂ­nez.

Meanwhile, the Ombudsman's Office issued early warning AT 034/20 for the municipality of Ocaña, which points out the economic, political and social centrality that being the second most important city in Norte de Santander represents for the region and serving as a link with the south of Cesar and with the city of CĂșcuta.

The ombudsman of Oaña, Deysi Díaz, rejected the facts and announced that early warnings were activated in the Catatumbo subregion.

This region is used by armed groups such as the National Liberation Army (ELN), the Popular Liberation Army (EPL), the 33rd and 41st fronts, as well as the former insurgents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People's Army (FARC- EP) for its operations, bringing with it the dispute over the territory that is currently being waged in the surrounding municipalities.

Ocaña experienced another violent event this Thursday, because in the Los Arrayanes sector, on the border with the Landia neighborhood, several men who were traveling on a motorcycle went to a pool table and said that those who were there should die and opened fire indiscriminately, leaving the least one dead person and two unidentified wounded, according to local media reports.

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