Tens of thousands of people demonstrate in London, Paris, Berlin and Washington to call for a ceasefire in Gaza | International

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The repercussions of the war in Gaza spread throughout the world, often in the form of protests against Israel's bombing of the Strip, such as those that gathered tens of thousands of people on Saturday, especially in Europe, but also in Washington. and several Asian cities.

In London, around 30,000 protesters, according to police, gathered in Trafalgar Square, demanding an “immediate ceasefire” and an “end to the massacre.” Two weeks ago, the British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, had called on the police for a tougher response to the protests. “There can be no place for incitement to hatred or violence,” a spokesperson for the minister said then. The absolute support of the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, for the Government of Israel in its fight against Hamas – “today, tomorrow and always,” the Briton promised – had a counterpart in the streets of London and other British capitals, where tens of thousands of citizens have now been expressing their support for the Palestinian cause for four consecutive weekends.

In Paris, 19,000 people gathered, according to police sources, in one of the first marches allowed by the Government, which initially did not authorize them, considering them as a possible field for anti-Semitism. Posters calling for a “free Palestine” were seen at the demonstration. “We have come to show the support of the French people for the Palestinians. We want peace and a two-state solution,” summarized Antoine Guerreiro, one of the protesters.

In Germany, which like France did not give the green light to demonstrations in the first days after the start of the war, the police estimated the number of attendees in Berlin at more than 3,500. As in the rest of European cities, the signs carried by Protestants asked to “stop the genocide.” In all the marches spread across the continent, the flags of Palestine and other signs identified with the struggle of its people proliferated.

Thousands of protesters also marched through the streets of Washington. Some attacked President Joe Biden (whom some banner even described as “Joe the Genocide”) for his support for Israel and accused him of having “blood on his hands,” reports María Antonia Sánchez-Vallejo from New York. . Those attending the protest gathered in Freedom Square, a few steps from the White House. Some have vowed they will not support Biden's bid for re-election next year. “We are as human beings as Ukrainians,” some shouted.

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Protests in support of Palestine have also taken place in other countries such as Pakistan, Senegal and Iran, where protesters especially attacked Israel and the United States.

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