Tennis: Kyrgios pleads guilty but court dismisses assault case

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A australian court dismissed this Friday the common assault charge against the tennis player nick kyrgiosdespite the fact that it was declared guilty in the same view of having pushed his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari in an incident that occurred in January 2021.

The judge Beth Campbellof the Australian Capital Territory Magistrate's Courtalso ordered that the case is not recorded in the tennis player's recordwho attended the visit in crutches due to a injury that prevented him from participating last month in the australian openas reported by the chain abc.

The magistrate justified her decision by considering that the seriousness of the matter was “low level” and that the tennis player I was not at risk of committing the same offense again.

In a releasethe Australian tennis player stated:

I respect today's ruling and thank the court for dismissing the charges. I was not in a good place when this happened and I reacted to a difficult situation in a way that I deeply regret. I know I was not well and I sincerely apologize for the pain caused.

During the hearing held in canberrathe 27-year-old tennis player He admitted that he pushed his then girlfriend during a strong discussion in the garage of the building where they lived together.

The court documents cited by the abcindicate that Passari tried to prevent kyrgios opened the door of a taxi, until the athlete pushed his then partner and caused her to fall to the ground, injuring her shoulder and knee.

Before the decision to close the case, the magistrate rejected the Kyrgios argument to try to dismiss the accusation, by maintaining that he suffered mental health problemsto which the court determined today that the athlete does not suffer from significant depression.

The Australian, who admitted in the past to having psychological problems, remarked in his statement that problems of this nature “are hard” and they make it seem like life is “overwhelming” hence you have already sought help to feel better.

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