Ten thousand Hallyu fans in Mexico attended 'MOKKOJI KOREA 2023'

Ten thousand Hallyu fans in Mexico attended 'MOKKOJI KOREA 2023'
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Last October, around 10 thousand Hallyu fans in Mexico attended 'MOKKOJI KOREA 2023'who also enjoyed an exclusive concert with NCT Dream and MCND

The Korea Festival 'MOKKOJI' organized by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE, headed by Director Jung Gil-Hwa) in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST, headed by Minister Yu In- chon) has become a prominent festival in which to learn and enjoy the diverse culture and lifestyle of Korea, in addition to being a representative event for promote the Asian country attracting Hallyu enthusiasts from all countries in the world.

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MOKKOJI KOREA was held at the Mexican Olympic Committee from Lomas de Sotelo, Mexico City, from October 27 to 28. The venue was filled with Hallyu fans who came to learn about Korean life and culture, including K-pop concerts headlined by NCT ​​DREAM, who also interacted with the audience and answered questions about popular Korean dramas such as 'Kingdom' and ' The Heirs', as well as learned Spanish to directly convey messages to fans. For its part, MCND, who recently went on a world tour through South America and has a global fan base, answered questions about Korean and Mexican culture. MCND performed their hit songs “Hashtag Mood (#MOOD)” and “ICE AGE.”

This concert also brought with it the aspirations of the Busan Expo 2030. Furthermore, he added meaning by specially inviting the Korean community in Mexico, the descendants of Eneken immigrants, and the families of Korean War veterans.

Meanwhile, in the exhibition and experience area, attendees were able to experience traditional Korean crafts, tying knots for bracelet making and trying out Hangul writing. The 'MOKKOJI Stage also received a lot of attention. From the mini-talk show with Mexican host Cristian Burgos, famous for his 'exceptional talks', to performances by the Mexican Hallyu community, to an OX contest about the 'Korean Wave'.

At the MOKKOJI Market, companies selling Hallyu-related consumer products were presented in partnership with KOTRA. Partner organizations such as the Busan 2030 World Expo Bid Committee, the Korean Cultural Center in Mexicothe Korean Tourism Organization and the Korean Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Corporation set up promotional booths so fans could enjoy various aspects of K culture.

Therefore, "MOKKOJI KOREA", aimed at Hallyu fans around the world, is becoming a good channel to open the possibility of spreading Hallyu along with the popularity of K content. "Through this event, we were able confirm once again the passion for Korean culture among local fans in Latin America," said Jeong Gil-Hwa, director of KOFICE. He further added, "MOKKOJI is a double program of Korean content and lifestyle culture. We will ensure that this enthusiasm will lead to the growth of Hallyu-related industries."



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