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Nicaraguan writer Félix Rubén García Sarmiento, better known as Rubén Darío, died on February 6, 1916 in the city of León, Nicaragua at the young age of 49.


Learn about the legacy of the poet Rubén Darío through his works

The also poet, journalist and diplomat was born on January 18, 1867 in the Nicaraguan city of Metapa.

From an early age, he was influenced by other writers, musicians, and poets. From One Thousand and One Nights to the Bible, Rubén’s passion for literary art awoke. His first poem known as “the boy poet.”

He had the fortune to meet other cultures, traveling to El Salvador, Chile, Argentina. In the latter country he worked as a journalist for La Nación and forged ties with Bartolomé Mitre, to whom he dedicated one of his works.

Among his published books, Darío established himself as a representative of literary modernism in the Spanish language. He married Francisca Sánchez, a woman of peasant origin, with whom he had four children, three of whom died.

He also served politics, as he was Nicaraguan consul in Paris and was part of a commission to resolve territorial conflicts with Honduras.

Among the most recognized texts are Azul, Abrojos, Prosas profanas y otros poetas, Tierras solas, Los Raros and El canto errante. Among the characteristics of this work are the chromaticism, the sonority and the rhythm to deal with mythology, the exotic, and its subjectivities. He navigated from patriotism to angst to the soft, anguished tone.

Unfortunately, he suffered from alcoholism, an addiction that left him with serious and frequent health problems, so much so that it affected his mental stability and he developed an obsessive idea about death.

106 years after his death in the city of his childhood, León, this February 6, we want to remember him through ten sentences that give us a little of his perspectives on life.

Ten phrases of Rubén Darío

  1. “The book is strength, it is courage, it is strength, it is food; torch of thought and spring of love”.
  2. “Light produces colors: colors do not turn on light.”
  3. “When I want to cry, I don’t cry… And sometimes I cry without meaning to.”
  4. “If the homeland is small, a great one dreams of it.”
  5. “Why would I want life when I don’t have youth”.
  6. “You are a universe of universes and your soul a source of songs.”
  7. “Death is life’s inseparable sister. Death is the victory of human progeny.”
  8. “Letters, like flowers, like fruits, like towns, often suffer from epidemics that devastate and disfigure them.”
  9. “Death is life’s inseparable sister. Death is the victory of human progeny.”
  10. “The eternal feminine can make the divine human.”