TelevisaUnivision premieres telenovela 'Forgive Our Sins' in the US with Jorge Salinas and Erika Buenfil

After the success that the first actors had Jorge Salinas Y Erika Buenfil with the soap opera 'Forgive Our Sins', The Univision television network has given good news to lovers of this genre: will be released in the US on Monday, February 21 at 8/7c.

'Forgive Our Sins' will be broadcast from Monday to Friday. The soap opera tells the story of love and betrayal. Jorge Salinas and Erika Buenfil They develop their characters then in the midst of betrayal, selfishness, abuse of power and some crimes that will seek to defeat love now through the sign of TelevisaUnivision.

In the soap opera 'Forgive Our Sins' debut too ok giner Y Emmanuel Palomares as protagonists in a story of a forbidden love between Elsa Quiroga and Andrés Martínez. Armando Quiroga, who is played by Jorge Salinas, is Elsa's father and the most powerful man in the place. He will be the first opponent of the relationship between his daughter and Andrés.

We can also enjoy Cesar Evora, Sabine Moussier, marisol del olmo, osvaldo de leon, RocĂ­o de Santiago, Montserrat Marañón, Ricardo Fastlicht, Óscar Bonfiglio, Daniela Cordero, Fernanda Urdapilleta, Pato de la Garza, SofĂ­a MarielY Fausto Emiliano Espejel .

The production of 'Person Our Sins' was in charge of Lucero Suarez and in the directionJorge RoblesYSantiago Barbosa . You can follow the details of thesoap opera through social networks following the hashtag#ForgiveOurSinson Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and of course on. the TelevisaUnivision website.

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