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The news multiplatform teleSUR premiered on Tuesday the video clip of the song "El Grito" in honor of the Argentine soccer star, Diego Armando Maradona, created by the Cuban composer and performer Vicente Alejandro Trigo Junco, who will accompany the multimedia coverage of the Qatar World Cup 2022.


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From teleSUR we signed up for the World Cup with the video clip that will accompany the special program "Zurda Infinita" during the Cup. The song and the video clip are a multimedia production.

"I was inspired by the emblematic goal of Maradona narrated by Víctor Hugo Morales and by the last goal that the 10 scored with the Argentina national team jersey in 1994," Trigo specified.

The video was filmed in different places in Latin America, including the Pedro Marrero Stadium in Havana, Cuba; the San Agustín neighborhood in Caracas, Venezuela; and at the Panorama Records studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina; under the direction and edition of Mauricio Figueiral.

"El Grito" is a video that recreates the universe of soccer from the Latin American perspective. Conceptually, analogies are established between soccer players and the typical characters of the everyday landscape and cultural syncretism.

“Despite being the official video of teleSUR's coverage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, intentionally more than the world, we are supporting our teams on the continent with both the song and the video clip, wishing them the best of performances. In addition, we wanted to pay a very personal and affectionate tribute to our Diego Armando Maradona, an athlete and a human being as immense as controversial, who demonstrates with his own story how it is possible from the sometimes difficult realities of our peoples, to reach what is higher in whatever we do in life and with that try to improve the world," said Figueiral.

In addition, he highlighted that "the video is the result of the effort and talent of many good people from Venezuela, Argentina and Cuba, who have transcended the borders of their own personal ambitions to bring Latin America a hymn to sing together. You can hear the I shout! Let the game of life begin then.”

With “El Grito”, teleSUR once again bets on the creation and production of a musical theme that expresses the energy of this World Cup event and at the same time shows the essence of the region that has given it life and is the central reason for its journalistic work.

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