Telemundo confirms ‘The Lord of the Skies 8’: Rafael Amaya revives Aurelio Casillas in a new advance


Raphael Amaya is back in his iconic character of Aurelio Casillas, “The Lord of the heavens“. Telemundo confirmed the eighth season of the drug series and many wondered how it could happen. It turns out that in the seventh season, the main character dies, but in fiction everything is possible and Aurelio is resurrected.

In a new advance to promote the new season that will arrive in the new season of Telemundo, it is seen how Aurelio revives and Rafael Amaya returns to the character that gave him worldwide fame.

The statement that Telemundo released reads as follows: Dead men can tell the most extraordinary stories. The epic finale of the seventh season of The Lord of the heavens seemed to seal the end of the legendary drug lord, Aurelio Casillas (played by Rafael Amaya), but we will witness the unforgettable “resurrection” of Aurelio in the eighth season of Telemundo’s longest-running Super Series.

Surprising friends and enemies alike with his return to life, Aurelio arrives determined to recover everything he has lost. After striking up a powerful union with allies from previous seasons, Aurelio faces new romantic entanglements and uncovers family mysteries, once again putting his life on the line in the name of revenge. Called to assume his position of power, Aurelio demonstrates that those who are born bad live longer.

Produced by Telemundo Studios and written by Luis Zelkowicz, The Lord of the heavens returns with everything in a successful eighth season designed to delight fans and new viewers alike with an overflowing drama packed with more emotion and action than ever before.

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