Teenager stabbed to death a school principal in Paraguay

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A 16 year old teenager stabbed to death to the director of a school in the town of Colonia Independencia, in the department of Guairá, ParaguayanThe Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) reported this Tuesday.

“This tragic event occurred this afternoon when the director, who is also a professor of mathematics, was just developing the subject and in full development. a freshman media, without saying a word, has attempted the life of her teacher with an element, a stabbing weapon," the director of legal advice at the MEC, Juan Manuel Arce, told reporters.

the MEC provide psychological support to all students present during the murder and to the local community, for the "strong impact generated by this news, not only for the Ministry, but for the entire country," said Arce.

The victim, identified as SofĂ­a RodrĂ­guez de Cristaldo, 44, was transferred from the San Gervasio School to a nearby hospital, where died as a result of injuriesthe National Police reported.

The student, who had fled the educational center, was located by the police authorities in the town of Villarica, 45 kilometers from the scene of the event, a National Police spokesman told the NPY channel.

At the time of his arrest Two bladed weapons were found inside his backpack "presumably used to perpetrate the act," he explained.

This situation "had never happened in the area," as he assured the newspaper The nation Professor Nelson González, partner of the victim.

“He was one of the best students, in terms of conduct,” added González.

Rodríguez de Cristaldo was an exemplary professional“”, “lady and mother of the family”, and who was part, according to González's words, of one of the “emblematic educational institutions of the area”. (EFE)

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