Teenager murdered outside school in Brazil

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A teenager was murdered and at least three injured in knife attack when they were leaving classes at a school in Minas Gerais, in the southeast of Brazil, police sources informed local media.

The incident occurred in the afternoon, when the classrooms were leaving, next to one of the gates of the Escola Profissional Dom Bosco, in the town of Pocos de Caldasin the south of the state, the Brazilian media detailed.

"A teenager, a former student of the school, stabbed four teenagers. The Military Police (PM) was activated. Upon arriving at the scene, the suspect was already immobilized by adults," said the spokesperson for the PM of Minas Gerais, Flávio Santiago, according to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

Its about fourth episode of violence recorded this year in an educational establishment in Brazil, where the murders have caused shock.

The teenager died this Tuesday I was 15 years oldaccording to the São Paulo newspaper.

Images that went viral on social networks and were published on news sites showed the moment when the alleged attacker was arrested in an outside part of the educational center.

The suspect was taken to police headquarters, where "motivations are investigated" of the attack, Santiago said.

"Any attack on the lives of our children is unacceptable. We have to combat bullying in schoolsbut Congress has to have courage to discuss the reduction of the age of criminal responsibility," claimed the governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, on the social network X, formerly Twitter.

The mayor's office of Pocos de Caldas expressed its solidarity in a note with the families of the affected students and with the school community, where the classes were suspended until October 16.

Attacks on schools in Brazil

The South American country has recorded a recent increase in violence in educational centers.

In March, a teacher died after a knife attack in Sao Paulo; in April, a man broke into a nursery with an ax in Santa Catarina and killed four children; and in June, two young people were killed in a shooting in Paraná.

After those events, the government announced measures to regulate social networks and try to combat growing threats against schools.

The worst attack on an educational center in Brazil dates back to 2011, when a man opened fire and killed 12 children in Realengo, Rio de Janeiro.


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