Teen accused of trying to drown a young black man

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A 14-year-old white boy charged last month with attempted murder and assault in Massachusetts after investigators said he tried to drown a young black man in a pond on Cape Cod has been released to his father. .

Another court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

After a hearing last month in Barnstable Juvenile Court, the 14-year-old was ordered held without bail.

Kevin Reddington, who represents the 14-year-old, said he will live with his father, have to abide by curfews and wear a GPS device.

Reddington said the teens were friends and things got out of hand.

"It's just a sad situation," he said. "But I don't see that there was any intention to murder the young man."

The incident occurred on July 19 at Goose Pond in Chatham when the 14-year-old met the alleged victim and another minor at the pond, according to Cape and Islands District Attorney Robert Galibois.

After they met, the 14-year-old white boy picked up a rock and threatened the black boy, referring to him with a racial slur, investigators said.

Before entering the water, the young black man put on a life jacket and told others that he did not know how to swim, according to authorities.

Once in the water, the 14-year-old put on his life jacket, dunking the alleged victim four to five times and causing him to have difficulty breathing, according to prosecutors, who said the third juvenile laughed at him, calling him “George.” Floyd.”

The 14-year-old then swam under the black minor and tried to grab him by his feet to try to submerge him underwater, according to investigators.

The incident ended when a passerby on the beach intervened.

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