Technology, key to evolve; Excélsior Mobility Forum 2023 ready

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For second consecutive Year, Image Group will take place this November 8th Excelsior Mobility Forum 2023which will be attended by leaders and experts in the sector to talk about the opportunities and challenges in areas such as smart cities, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles or autonomous cars.

This is because mobility is key so that the population can make better use of its time and grow with its maximum potential, hence the joint work of the government and the private initiative is required to promote strategies and tools that make it more agile and simple.

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Due to the above, companies such as Uber, PPG Comex, Mobility ADO, Aleatica, JVP Logística and Mercado Libre will be present at the Excélsior Movilidad 2023 Forum.

The latter is taking advantage of new technologies to improve mobility in logistics, since the e-commerce platform has airplanes, electric trucks and other formats that allow deliveries even on the same day in the country.

To which is added an alliance between Payment Market and the Ministry of Mobility of Mexico City to allow more than one million recharges of Integrated Mobility cards for public transport through a cell phone, thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

People will be able to attend the Excélsior Movilidad 2023 Forum through Imagen Multicast, 3.4 open TV, Imagen Radio 90.5 FM or from streaming on the YouTube site.

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