Teachers protest in front of the Constitutional Court of Ecuador | News


The National Union of Educators (UNE) of Ecuador heads this Thursday a new national mobilization to demand that the Constitutional Court of that country rule on the reforms to the Organic Law of Intercultural Education (LOEI), vetoed in mid-April by the President Guillermo Lasso.


Ecuadorian teachers close roads on the ninth day of protests

The president of the UNE, Isabel Vargas, reported that a representation of teachers from several provinces carried out a protest march against the lack of responses from the Government, the Court and the Legislative Assembly regarding the application of the LOEI.

In a peaceful manner, the educators paraded from the Casa del Maestro, in the north of the capital (Quito), to the headquarters of the Court, and along the way they demanded that their judges act with independence and justice.

The mark coincides with the tenth day of the hunger strike in which 30 teachers participate, one group of which gathered in front of the Court’s headquarters while the other did so in Plaza San Francisco, in Guayaquil.

The sit-in in front of the Court coincides with a public hearing of that instance, scheduled for this Thursday, to examine the veto for unconstitutionality that Lasso presented against the LOEI.

He affirmed that the mobilizations “are inscribed in the defense of public education, in the demand for a budget for education, in the execution of the education law and in salary equality.”

In addition, the UNE demands that teachers who were dismissed during the Covid-19 pandemic be reintegrated into the sector and that President Lasso give concrete answers to these and other demands of the sector.

This Thursday’s acts were joined by the Popular Unity front, whose leaders insist that the Ecuadorian State has sufficient resources to carry out salary equalization and cannot hide behind the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to continue evading that responsibility.

Vargas assured that the government of President Lasso “has closed the doors to us. It has the crutch that it is a government of the meeting, but in fact it has not met with the Ecuadorian people. The dialogue only serves to take the photo.”

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