Teachers March in Puerto Rico Demanding Salary Justice | News

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Puerto Rican organizations, unions, and movements mobilized this Wednesday to demand salary justice and decent retirement for teachers, after Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi denied the possibility of the protest.


Teachers from Puerto Rico demand social justice and dignified retirement

For its part, the Feminist Collective declared that the demonstration was called by the teachers, the different guilds, unions, workers and outraged people demanding a dignified retirement and a salary increase.

"Today we march because with every contempt for women workers, with every miserable wage and with every cut in essential services, they expel us from the country and empty it to make it a paradise for others," denounced the feminist collective.

The union mobilization was joined by the Great March of Indignation by members of the Fire Department, police and bailiffs who arrived at the current official residence of the governor of Puerto Rico, La Fortaleza.

“While Governor Pierluisi demonstrates his alienation from the effects of the misery policies of his government and those close to him, policies that suffocate the workers and expel us from the archipelago, the teachers and workers in struggle, instead, mark the rhythm of that other life that we seek to build: a dignified and full life”, remarked the women's organization, which defends that women constitute 80.5 percent of the country's teachers.

It is no coincidence that a profession dominated by women is so precarious. The job of teaching has been...

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The Feminist Collective warned that "the teachers, as well as all the workers who, in addition to exercising a profession, assume the fundamental tasks of care and maintenance of life, and who assume themselves today and always confronting a state that thinks of them and treats them as disposable, They are not to accept the temporary crumbs of a parasitic government that owes them (owes us) everything”.

Local media indicated that the leaders of the Broad Front in Defense of Public Education (Fadep), Mercedes Martínez and Migdalia Santiago, were received this Wednesday at the governor's headquarters but he was not present.

These platforms also warn that the firefighters sector has not received an increase in their salary in the last 12 years. On the other hand, as of July 1, teachers will receive a bonus of $1,000 per month until 2024, although for teachers it does not represent a long-term guarantee.

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