Teachers go on strike over textbook retention in Chihuahua

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The teachers of Sections 8 and 42 of the SNTE announced that they will go on a general strike on Mondayat the insistence of the Federal Judicial Branch to prevent the distribution of free SEP textbooks.

The work stoppage began this Friday, since the Secretary of Education of Chihuahua, Sandra Elena Gutiérrez, reported that 763 schools stopped work in the state, demanding that the Judicial Branch of the Federation release the delivery of textbooks.

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The teachers' strike occurs after the third district judge, Jessica María Contreras Martínez, ordered the suspension of the distribution of SEP books, while reviewing the amparo trial 1724/2023 filed by a father, which will take place until October 30.

In response, the National Union of Education Workers in Chihuahua (SNTE)began a partial work stoppage starting Thursday, which will reach 100 percent next Monday.

Meanwhile, there have already been attempts at violent confrontations between teachers who demand the books and conservative parents who reject them.

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For example, in Ciudad Madera, several teachers and parents, They took thousands of textbooks by force, without yet determining whether they will distribute or destroy them.

After this controversy, the school year has not started in Chihuahua, after initially the PAN governor María Eugenia Campos, prevented the distribution of textbooks because they were considered deficientand now it is a judge who has them detained.

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