Teacher asks student to 'Pack' so as not to fail her

Teacher asks student to 'Pack' so as not to fail
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This week a rather delicate case was revealed in Veracruz, where a high school teacher is involved, since it is known that in order to pass a student, The teacher in question requested intimate photographs of the young woman.

This is the unfortunate event that occurred at the “Escuela de Bachilleres América”, where parents and students took over the campus facilities to demand justice for the harassment that the young woman suffered.

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According to local media, The teacher responds to the name of Fabián “N”, who is also accused by 6 other students of requesting his “pack” in exchange for being able to accredit the subjects taught at the educational institution.

One of the mothers of those affected pointed out that this request was made by the teacher after her daughter was absent and did not take the first partial exam because she was sick.

Teacher was suspended, but continues teaching

After the events, The parents demanded from the school authorities an exemplary punishment for the teacherso they went to the high school coordination located in Córdoba to file their complaint so that the corresponding investigations could be carried out.

Immediately afterwards, the accused teacher was removed from his position, however this Monday he entered the institution again giving classes as if nothing had happened, a situation that was not well received by the students and parents, who took over the educational facilities.

After this seizure, hours later, a group from the coordination of the Secretariat of Education of Veracruz who collected evidence and information with which the definitive suspension of the teacher is expected.



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