Taylor Swift struggles to breathe while performing during deadly Brazil Eras Tour

Taylor Swift struggles to breathe while performing during deadly Brazil
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Taylor Swift he seemed to be panting at his show The Eras Tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday night.

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A video of the concert shared online on Saturday showed the star apparently struggling to breathe just after singing "Bejeweled" at the end of his hours-long performance, a situation that worried his fans amid the controversy after the death of a follower due to cardiac arrest that caused severe dehydration.

"OMG...this breaks my heart on so many levels, she's so professional but seeing her like this, my best wishes go out to her, I'm also thinking of the fans who have had to endure those crazy temperatures...take care and stay safe!" healthy!", "She's only 33 years old and in incredible physical shape. That she was struggling so much is really scary."

Others praised her for postponing Saturday night's concert after fans attended last night's concert in temperatures of almost 38 degrees Celsius.

Swift, 33, announced Saturday afternoon that she was postponing her concert out of consideration for the "safety and well-being of his fans, fellow performers and team."

The decision came after Ana Clara Benevides, who attended the Friday night concert, died after suffering cardiac arrest due to extreme temperatures.

Benevides documented her trip to the Eras Tour on social media on Friday, showing herself queuing for hours to get a good seat in the stadium's general admission area.

Once inside, he managed to take some photos next to the stage before passing out.

According to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, she was "resuscitated in the stadium for about 40 minutes" before being transferred by ambulance.

Unfortunately, he died before reaching the hospital.

Swift mourned the tragic loss of Benevides on social media:

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"I can't believe I'm writing these words, but with a broken heart I say that we lost a fan tonight before my concert. I can't even tell you how devastated I am by this. I won't be able to talk about this from the stage because I feel overwhelmed with grief when I even try to talk about it.

"I want to say now that I am deeply sorry for this loss and my broken heart goes out to his family and friends."

No further information has been revealed about their concert on Sunday.

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