Taqueros from Borrego Viudo brutally beat a young couple

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A video circulating on social networks shows the moment in which at least eight taqueros brutally beat a young couple in the El Borrego Viudo taqueria, located in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office, in Mexico City.

In the recording, which lasts almost a minute, you can see how at least eight taqueros cowardly beat a young couple who refuses to pay extra charges on their account.

Other diners who were in the place recorded the attack on the young couple who tried to defend themselves against the group attack by the taqueros; Even the workers at the El Borrego Viudo taqueria did not mind savagely beating a young woman.

“Look... they pushed that girl,” says a young man when he sees how one of the taqueros hits a woman in the face.

With bottles, kicks, rags and other objects, the taqueros beat the young people who ended up with bloody faces, broken noses, as well as blows to various parts of their bodies.

“Don't hit him anymore, calm down now,” say other diners who are trying to stop the brutal attack against the brutal couple in the taqueria located at number 241 Avenida Revolución.

“Only the fame remains of those tacos, they are assholes. But they don't understand."

“Fucking tacos ogts no longer taste good and I don't want to eat with those orangutans anymore.”

“Pure briago goes to those disgusting tacos.”

“I don't understand why people continue to insist on going to that place, they are all a bunch of filthy boxes.”

“But they love those cul tacos… tasteless, tasteless sauce, culero deals… Click salsa valentina sauce flavor with water.”

“Montonero apes. Every day that place falls lower,” are some of the opinions published by social media users.


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