Tamales García will cancel its creative posters at Foro Sol concerts

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Tamales García, the renowned brand of tamales that used to stand out for its creative marketing at events held in the Sol Forum and the Sports Palacehas issued an important statement for its followers and clients.

The news is that, due to "major causes", the company has decided cancel your creative signs at these events starting October 6. Below, we tell you more about this decision and what it means for Tamales García.

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In a statement addressed to his followers and clients, Tamales García announced its decision to cancel its creative posters that used to be part of your marketing at events held at the Foro Sol and the Palacio de los Deportes.

The decision will come into force from October 6coinciding with the Arctics Monkeys event and other concerts scheduled for that date onwards.

These creative posters, which were often the subject of conversation on social media due to their ingenuity and creativity, will no longer be a feature of events at the aforementioned venues. The company recognized that its marketing had been viralized by its followers and customers, but He pointed out that, due to "major causes", they will not be able to continue with this strategy.

Tamales Garcia He took advantage of the statement to apologize to people who were offended by their creative marketing. Although it was not specifically mentioned which aspect of the marketing caused offence, the company expressed its regret for any upset it may have caused certain individuals. However, he also made it clear that he will not apologize to those who were not bothered by his ingenuity to attract more customers.

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The company ended its statement by inviting all its clients and friends to visit its premises located near the Palacio de los Deportes and at the exit of Gate 6, under the subway bridge. Tamales García stressed that they will always be the official tamales and that they have appreciated the opportunity to stand out at events in the past.

Tamales García has decided put an end to its flashy marketing at Foro Sol and Palacio de los Deportes events due to "major causes". Although the company apologized to those who were offended, it also made it clear that it will not apologize to those who enjoyed its ingenuity in attracting customers.

Starting October 6, these creative signs will no longer be part of the experience at these locations, but fans can still enjoy Tamales García's delicious tamales at their nearby locations.


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