Talk to children in Takoma Park about trips to Mars

She is a Colombian-born space engineer and current NASA flight director, and on Monday the 13th she visited the Rolling Terrace bilingual elementary school in Takoma Park, Maryland, where she spoke to the children to inspire them about upcoming trips to Mars.

In a didactic way and speaking in English and Spanish, since a good part of the students are of Hispanic descent, Diana Trujillo encouraged them to study science and learn the secrets of space.

The visit to Takoma Park is part of NASA’s outreach program with local Hispanic communities, and seeks to inspire children to achieve their dreams and one day become a space explorer.

She stressed that this personal concern began for her when she was in Colombia. “I was born in Cali, I spent most of my life in my city from a very young age, until I was 17 years old and it always made me very happy to see the sky, to look at the stars, to understand that suddenly there is something beyond, something that I did not understand. , but that I had to discover,” Trujillo described when speaking to the press.

Diana recounted having arrived in the United States at the age of 17 without speaking English. She made her way in the country first cleaning houses to pay for her university studies and learning the language.

Now it is part of one of the most important space exploration programs, Artemis, which seeks to return humans to the Moon and continue their route to Mars.