Taliban persecution of women, possible crime against humanity: UN

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The treatment of taliban towards women and girls Afghanistan could be a crime against humanityaccording to a report from the UN presented at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

In August 2021, the Taliban regime took Kabulthe capital of the country, and took over the region, restricting and applying sanctions severe against womenincluding the suspension of the education secondary and university, the obligatory use of the hijabthat they remain inside their homes, and the requirement that they not wear colorful clothing.

In a 2022 report, Richard BennettUN special rapporteur on human rights in Afghanistan, expressed "deep concern at the staggering regression in the exercise of the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of women and girls since the Taliban took power”.

“In no other country have women and girls disappeared so quickly from all spheres of life. public lifenor are they so disadvantaged in all aspects of their lives,” the report reads.

“Since the Taliban came to power, the media have reported the death unnatural over 280 Women and children, of which at least 75 would have been intentional murders, 130 related to conflicts or suicide-explosions and more than 20 related to domestic violence; in 60 cases the cause was not reported. The actual number of women and children killed is expected to be higher, as many cases go unreported,” the special rapporteur said in the report.

The conclusions of said report establish "the inability to make economic and social rights effective, the deterioration of civil, political and cultural rights, and the serious violations generalized that continue to be committed, are mainly due to the actions of taliban“.

On the other hand, International Amnesty requested on March 5 to the Human Rights Council of the UN the establishment of a mechanism of independent investigation focused on preserving evidence to get it administered international justice in Afghanistan.

According to the Agency, in November last year, the Taliban arbitrarily detained three defenders of human rights of the women - Zarifa Yaqoobi, Farhat Popalzai and Humaira Yusuf - as well as the women who accompanied them.

A month later, the Taliban banned women from entering the universities "until further notice", as well as the ordering of dismiss to all the female staff all NGOs local and foreign, a situation that could lead to millions of women, girls and boys without any kind of humanitarian aid.

“The cumulative effect of the restrictions on women and girls has a devastating long-term impact on the entire population and is equivalent to the gender apartheidBennett said.

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