Talía Azcárate revealed that Juan Reynoso got her off the plane and did not allow her to travel to Peru to duel with Paraguay

Talía Azcárate revealed that Juan Reynoso got her off the
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Talía Azcárate revealed the uncomfortable moment she spent with Juan Reynoso in the debut of the Peruvian team in Ciudad del Este | Youtube

There is a lot of expectation for the debut of Peru against Paraguay in the 2026 South American Qualifiers. Many fans traveled to Ciudad del Este to closely cheer on the team. Juan Reynoso as well as the sports journalists who will cover the crucial match. Talía AzcárateFor example, he already had everything ready to leave. But he was going to do it on the Peruvian team plane. And how did it all end?

The communicator said that she was notified at the last minute that the 'Pigheaded' He did not want anyone outside the technical command and players within the unit. All this so that information does not leak or there is some kind of distraction prior to an important meeting for the Qualifiers.

“I was leaving tomorrow on the national team charter, I got up at 7:30 am, I see my cell phone and they say: 'Talía, it will not be possible to go on the national team charter, The coach has said that there cannot be anyone who is not part of the technical command, players or people who work in the FPF.' So, I told him it was a joke because they did this to me one day. And Juan Reynoso gave me the finger. They responded to me saying that they have tried to take all possible steps but it will not be possible because it is a matter of concentration so that nothing is leaked," he said in the YouTube program called 'Diego and Talía', which he shares with Rebagliati.

Sugar yourself He also stated that he was very shocked at not being able to arrive with the selected ones, but that he understands the position of the coach. He knows that his way of being is special and closed in everything that concerns the 'everyone's team'. He also shared that he will arrive in Ciudad del Este anyway because he made all the necessary coordination to not miss the duel with the team. Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

“My pressure went down in the morning, it seemed a little strange to me that Juan Reynoso allows journalists on the plane because it is so hermetic that they have closed everything in La Videna, what's more, the Israeli fan can't even see the practices.”. It's not a personal issue, the truth is that everything is very good with him. We already turned the issue around and we are going to make the content there, so everything is fine,” he added.

The Peruvian team was ready for its debut against Paraguay in the 2026 Qualifiers.
The Peruvian team was ready for its debut against Paraguay in the 2026 Qualifiers.

Juan Reynoso has given more than one indication that he is very hermetic with everything regarding the peruvian team. One of his many decisions was that he ordered a black mesh to be put up in the Videna facilities so that no one could observe the team's training sessions. 'white-red'. He doesn't want any spy to leak the tactical work done.

He also ordered that the players have rigid concentration. That is, from training they will go to the hotel, without having external contact. This provision will be until the match against Brazil, this Tuesday, September 12 at 9:00 p.m. at the National Stadium, on date 2 of the South American Qualifiers 2026. In addition, he ordered that the arrival of those summoned from abroad be extreme, without declaring it to the press.

On the other hand, he made the concentration accommodation in Ciudad del Este all reserved for the 'bicolor'. He doesn't want any guests inside his facilities. These are some orders that the DT carried out so far.

Juan Reynoso will make his debut in the Qualifiers in charge of the Peruvian team this Thursday, September 7 - Credits: FPF.
Juan Reynoso will make his debut in the Qualifiers in charge of the Peruvian team this Thursday, September 7 - Credits: FPF.

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