T-Mobile change color: how is the New Magenta

T-Mobile is one of the telephone companies with the largest network of 5G antennas in the country

Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The T-Mobile company decided to join the April Fools tradition this year with a fun campaign announcing that the brand will change color starting March 31. According to what was announced by the company, they will leave aside their iconic magenta color to move to what they describe as New Magenta.

The new one they say is part of a rebranding as part of the rollout of its 5G network.

“TMobile revolutionized the mobile industry and now we are revolutionizing color as we know it with New Magenta. Never has a color so perfectly captured the very essence of a brand,” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said in an official statement.

They satirically claim that the New Magenta is a color so advanced that it has never before been seen by the human eye..

In a promotional video they assure that the changes are significant, however, they show a person who, seeing the “two colors”, expresses that he does not find any difference.

From the company they assure that the change of color is also part of a renewal of the brand image after joining forces with Sprint to become the largest provider of 5G connections in the entire country.

T-Mobile’s participation in this April Fools represents a change in the company’s position regarding this holiday. In 2021, the company not only indicated that it would not participate in the tradition of pranking its users, but also called on the population to put jokes aside and instead focus on saying thank you.

“We all need something to lift our spirits after everything that has happened in the past year so The Un-carrier has launched a movement, along with other brands, with the hashtag #GiveThanksNotPranks to give thanks instead of jokes this 1 .° April, starting with a donation of up to $500,000 to support teachers and students,” the brand reported at the time.

They noted that thanking those who helped overcome the covid pandemic in the best possible way is the least they could do.

Other companies that also joined this initiative and made donations to non-profit organizations included Motorola, OnePlus, SanMar, Wattpad, Mattress Firm, Sleep.com and Drone Racing League.

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