Systematic violence in Colombia continues to claim lives in 2022 | News


The Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz) denounced this Wednesday that the wave of violence in Colombia claimed new victims in recent days after the murder of another social leader and two new massacres, one in Medellín and another in Bogotá, adding 25 so far in 2022.


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In the municipality of Argelia, Valle del Cauca (west) the social leader Richard Betancourt was killed, while the illegal armed group Carlos Patiño massacred between five and six people.

In another department, Antioquia (northwest), the killing of three people was also reported in the main city of the region, Medellín.

According to Indepaz, armed men shot Richard Betancourt, the 43rd social leader killed in 2022 and the 1,329th since the signing of the Peace Agreement in 2016, near his home last Sunday.

Betancourt presided over the Community Action Board of the Santa Clara village and participated in processes to help people displaced by the armed conflict.

His death is attributed to members of the Carlos Patiño irregular group, as well as irregular armed organizations.

Indepaz also denounced this Wednesday the 24th massacre of this year, which occurred in Medellín, in which three people lost their lives, including two of Venezuelan nationality.

The victims were identified as Edinson Noel Pineda (20 years old), Darwin Alejandro Ochoa Batista (21) and Víctor Hugo Echeverri Moreno (48), and their bodies were dumped in a garbage dump.

By disseminating this fact, Indepaz drew attention to the fact that, according to the Ombudsman’s Office, in the country’s second largest metropolitan region, the Aburrá Valley, where ten municipalities converge, including Medellín, the actions of 140 armed crime groups are reported. organized at different levels.

According to the organization, these groups affect the exercise of the inhabitants’ rights to life, liberty, integrity and security, and among them are the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) and others.

The 25th massacre in which two men and a woman died, killed with a firearm inside a house, was perpetrated today in the town of Usme, Compostela neighborhood, in this capital.

Last year, the Ombudsman’s Office issued an alert in which it warns that the position assumed by some authorities in the presence of illegal armed actors and their incidence in the capital city is confusing.

In turn, the Santa Clara Ecomun Multiactive Agroforestry Cooperative (Cemas) denounced the kidnapping in Algeria of approximately 20 people, on March 18, by members of the Carlos Patiño group.

Said structure is still holding ten of the hostages and in the hours that followed it murdered between five and six of them, all of them young (including a 14-year-old girl), under the pretext that they were consuming psychoactive substances.

Cemas recalls that, as stipulated in the Peace Agreement, the consumption of illicit substances is multi-causal and must be addressed as a public health problem.

It states that the practice of imposing order by murdering young people who consume “leads to much more serious social problems. The answer lies in a social, cultural and structural change”, he affirms.

In his statement, Cemas demands that the Colombian State guarantee the life and integrity of the Algerian population.

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