Syria warns that Western sanctions damage health system | News

Syrian Health Minister Hassan al-Ghabash said Monday that the sanctions imposed by the United States (USA) and Western powers on his country hamper the ability of the health system to deal with the Covid pandemic. -19.


Iran blames Israel and the US for prolonging the conflict in Syria

During a videoconference broadcast before the Executive Council of the World Health Organization (WHO) during its 150th session, al-Ghabash remarked that “the US. The US and European countries continue to impose coercive measures and an inhumane blockade on Syria, hampering the ability of the health sector to deal with the pandemic and secure the necessary kits for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus.”

He stressed that this upsurge occurs in the midst of the complex situation that the planet is going through, with exacerbated inequalities in both developed and developing countries; and of crisis in economies and health systems, even those considered more solid.

The head of the Syrian health portfolio detailed that such coercive measures are contrary to the most elementary principles of Human Rights, and also oppose the statement issued on March 23, 2021 by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and which condemned the negative impact of this type of measure on the ability of governments to deal with Covid-19.

The senior official also referred to the deliberate medical negligence exercised by the occupying forces in the occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied Palestinian Golan, which victimizes the populations residing there, and makes them more vulnerable, especially the prison population.

The Syrian ministerial representative detailed that thousands of families continue to be forcibly displaced as a result of the crimes perpetrated by the US occupation forces, and the Syrian Democratic Forces (FDS) militias.

Therefore, he urged the UN humanitarian entities to provide all possible humanitarian and emergency aid to those families who have been forced to abandon their homes, especially in the midst of extreme winter conditions.

Unicef ​​warns of children’s situation due to escalation of violence

For its part, the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) avoided in a statement the serious risk of insecurity suffered by almost 850 children detained in the Ghwayran prison and its surroundings as a result of the violent escalation in the city of Al Hasakah, northeast of the country.

Unicef ​​details that this increase in violence related to the attempted escape from said center has caused the death of more than a hundred people, and thousands of other displaced persons.

The document deepens that “in northeastern Syria, almost 10,000 children and their mothers are in detention centers or in the Al-Hol and Roj camps. They come from more than 60 countries and struggle to survive amid increasingly dire conditions and harsh winter”; when referring to the critical state of vulnerability and urgency of protection they have.

As well as access to basic services such as health, education and food; Therefore, the global entity urged the parties involved in the conflict in that and other regions of the country to keep minors out of danger and protect them.