Syria Rejects US Official's Visit to Illegal Military Base | News

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The Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned this Friday the visit of the chief of the United States General Staff, Mark Milley, to an illegal military base in the northeast of the Arab country.


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The text shows Damascus's energetic rejection of this violation of its international sovereignty, territorial integrity and international law.

Likewise, the document highlights that, despite the supposed fight waged against terrorists by United States forces illegally positioned in Syrian territory, the attacks by the self-styled Islamic State (also known as Daesh) do not target them, but Syrian civilians. .

Similarly, the Foreign Ministry denounced the looting of Syrian wealth by US troops, who in just over a week have removed more than 150 tankers loaded with oil.

On the other hand, the document recalled that a good part of the economic situation in Syria is a consequence of the coercive measures imposed by the North American nation against Damascus.

In conclusion, Syria demanded that the United States stop systematic violations against international law and Syrian sovereignty, as well as stop supporting separatist militias.

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