Syria Joins China’s Belt and Road Initiative | News

Syria and China signed this Thursday in Damascus, the Syrian capital, an agreement with which the Middle Eastern nation officially joins the initiative of the Economic Belt of the Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road in the century XXI.


Cuba joins the energy alliance promoted by China

The agreement was signed by the head of the Syrian International Planning and Cooperation Body, Fadi Al-Khalil, and the Chinese ambassador to that country, Feng Biao.

At a press conference, Al-Khalil said that Syria is already part of the initiative and that helps it broaden the perspective of cooperation with China and other member countries. In particular, he stressed that it will help in the exchange of goods, technology and capital, in addition to facilitating the movement of people and cultural exchange.

Beijing and Damascus seek to enable commercial traffic and the reconstruction of infrastructure and electric and alternative energy.

In addition, it was proposed to connect sea and land routes to facilitate trade with neighboring countries and create commercial zones, along with the creation of power plants, said the diplomat.

The implementation of the proposals will help the economic development process by involving Chinese companies in the reconstruction phase of Syria, Al Khalil said.

Feng, for his part, said that with the signing of the agreement, binational cooperation is deepened and that the Syrian economic reconstruction and development will have greater support.

About 150 countries and 32 organizations have joined the initiative announced by China in 2013. The Route seeks to interconnect countries of the world in a network of land and sea routes, pipelines and telecommunications.

Last December, Cuba signed its inclusion in the Initiative to carry out actions to materialize the effective insertion in accordance with the interests of mutual benefit. This week Nicaragua signed agreements with China to carry out cooperative actions in this regard.