Syria denounces Israel for new missile attack | News

Syria’s Defense Ministry on Thursday accused Israel of launching a missile attack on Syrian Arab Army positions near the capital Damascus, which killed three soldiers.


Israel launches missile attack on southwestern Syria

According to a press release released by local media, the missile bursts were fired around 01:10 local time from the north of Lake Tiberias or the Sea of ​​Galilee, and were directed at military points in the vicinity of Damascus.

Although the Syrian anti-aircraft defenses were activated and shot down most of the missiles, some of them caused the aforementioned fatalities and material losses.

So far the Israeli authorities have not commented on the attack, the fifth so far in 2022.

It is also the second aggression of this type in the last few hours, since this Wednesday Tel Aviv launched another raid against military positions in Damascus.

Syria has rejected the silence of the international community on these events and condemned the repeated use of force by Israel, whose attacks leave civilian victims and significant material damage.