Syria condemns before the UN smear campaign and sanctions against Russia | News

Within the framework of the Special Period of Sessions convened at the United Nations (UN) on the issue of Ukraine, the representative of Syria before the multilateral organization, Bassam Sabbagh, condemned on Monday the campaign and the sanctions that the United States (USA) .) and Western nations impose on Russia.


Russia says military operation will prevent genocide in Donbas

“My country condemns punitive measures and understands that being on the right side of history means repudiating the war policies of Western states, in order to protect the interests of the peoples who oppose their hegemony and their interventionism,” said the diplomat. Sirius.

Sabbagh condemned the disinformation campaign by the US and the European bloc amid the crisis in Ukraine, “especially the deliberate dissemination of false news, in bad faith, and photos and videos altered to prevent Russia from exercising its natural right to defend their sovereignty and security,” he detailed.

In this sense, Sabbagh pointed out that some Western countries have even blocked Russian media, which violates the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

“Since the 2014 coup, Western states have ignored the historical ties between the Ukrainian people and the Russian people. They ignore the suffering of the locals of the Donbass region that has lasted for more than eight years,” the Syrian diplomat added.

Sabbagh asserted that Russia launched the operation to protect the Donetsk and Lugansk territories, the West’s discrediting machinery against Moscow intensified, “this is the paroxysm of political hypocrisy,” he said.

Similarly, Sabbagh drew attention to the fact that Western states have never been “so shocked” as to convene an emergency special session at the UN when there are reasons to do so, which shows “their hypocrisy and double standards.” as well as strategies based on interests and not principles”.

The representative recalled the millions of deaths caused by invasions of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United States in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and the genocidal blockades and economic and financial sanctions against nations in Latin America and the world.

“Syria underlines the importance of resolving international regional differences through dialogue and democracy, to maintain security and stability in all corners of the world, taking into account adherence to the United Nations charter,” Sabbagh stressed.

Referring to the search for solutions to the conflict, the Syrian representative stressed that Russia showed signs of the use of diplomacy by formulating pragmatic proposals which have been ignored, just as its requests have not been seriously addressed.

In this sense, he added that “the ongoing escalation between Russia and Ukraine stems from the disrespect of the Western States of their commitments with Russia. These states have ignored Russia’s security guarantees and have not hesitated to send weapons to Ukraine.”