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The meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz He was the one who first proposed the well-known “butterfly effect”, based on the principle that everything and everyone are interrelated in an involuntary and general way, only that these connections become so remote that, instead of perceiving the cause-effect relationship, We normally interpret events as random chaos. That is what we know as “chaos theory.” Synchromismism shares the same principle. Its name comes from combining the notion of "synchronicity", proposed by the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, with the idea that the universe is connected by significant coincidences, that is, that it is always possible to find some relationship between apparently unconnected phenomena and a meaning, which is normally not evident. I wanted to test the hypothesis of this current, for which I chose two current events: would it be possible to link the war between Israel and Hamas with the destruction of Acapulco? Let's see: until last Sunday, Israel had never admitted to possessing nuclear weapons. What happened was that the Israeli Heritage Minister, Amichai Eliyahu, he was asked if using some kind of nuclear bomb throughout the Gaza Strip could be a solution for his country, to which he responded that they certainly have that option. He was immediately disqualified and suspended by the office of Netanyahubut his statement confirmed the suspicion of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). This organization has been considering Israel as one of the countries with nuclear weapons (90) not officially recognized in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), along with Pakistan (165), India (156) and North Korea (45). . The recognized countries, in order according to the estimated number of nuclear warheads they possess, are: Russia (6,255), the US (5,550), China (350), France (290) and the United Kingdom (225), according to the Center's 2021 report. Stockholm Peace Research Institute. The difficulty is that, outside of NPT, the only way to be sure that a country has this type of weapons is to detect them when they carry out the essential nuclear tests. Until now, there was only suspicion that Israel had carried out one in 1979. Since the first one, on July 16, 1945, nearly 2,412 nuclear tests have been carried out on the planet, an outrage!, and 67 of them were did the US in Bikini Atoll, after relocating the fishing population. These detonations left enough radioactive bismuth, americium and plutonium-239, which take 24 thousand years to disappear, to fill a crater (made by another bomb) of 73 thousand cubic meters that was “sealed” with a dome of hundreds of blocks. of concrete, today known as Runit Dome. The problem is that this radioactive waste has been leaking into the sea through the subsoil for years. Scientists and environmental groups have been warning for a decade that the dumping of this waste in the waters of the Pacific could generate unprecedented meteorological cataclysms.

On Wednesday, October 25, something that had never happened and that shocked experts occurred: a tropical storm in the Pacific became a category 5 hurricane in less than 12 hours, Otis, the strongest hurricane in the history of the Eastern Pacific to make landfall. It seems that connections can be found between remote events. And if this has any meaning, it must be that violence ends up turning us all into victims.


On March 28, 2023, asteroid 2023-FW-13 was discovered. Mysteriously, the newspaper Jerusalem Post published that its diameter is equivalent to 18 male platypuses lined up.

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