Sweet Revenge; silence Arrowhead

Sweet Revenge; silence Arrowhead
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The Eagles traveled to Kansas City with revenge on their minds and returned to Philadelphia with a victory that helped ease their Super Bowl LVII loss.

On the most anticipated Monday Night of the season, the Eagles sent a message to the rest of the league by shaking the Chiefs' crown.

Although the victory that the Philadelphia team would have wanted was in the game that was played in Phoenix, last night catapults them as the favorites to win the Vince Lombardi trophy that will be in dispute in Las Vegas.

Under intense rain that continued for almost the entire match, Jalen Hurts added medals to his showcase of honor, starring in a night in which he became the biggest headache for the Chiefs defense thanks to his mobility and intelligence to finish. the key plays.

Hurts' best performance came late in the game when he led Philadelphia's offense to drive 80 yards and finish with the ball in the end zone to complete a comeback.

Hurts finished the night with 150 yards passing and 32 rushing, with two touchdowns this way.

Due to the inclement weather, the game that was supposed to be an offensive spectacle, was dominated by the defenses. And it was precisely with this department that Philadelphia achieved revenge by sustaining the victory on Kansas City's last possession of the ball.

In the first quarter, Patrick Mahomes eluded multiple tackles and waited for his receiver Justin Watson to cross the field to connect on a three-yard pass that raised the first six points on the scoreboard.

The Eagles answered on their next drive after driving 75 yards to end up in the end zone on a four-yard run by D'Andre Swift.

The Eagles defense no longer allowed any points in the second half to the Chiefs.


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