Swedish Foreign Minister signs NATO application


The Swedish Foreign Minister, Ann Linde, signed the Stockholm application to join NATO on Tuesday, one day after the prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, confirmed the country’s will to join the Atlantic Alliance.

“This morning, the foreign minister, Ann Lindesigned Sweden’s application to join NATO,” said the Stockholm mission to the agency in a brief message on its social network account. Twitter.

Linde stressed during the signing ceremony of the document that the authorities “believe that it is the best for Sweden”. “The application will now be delivered together with the one from Finland,” he added, after both countries were in favor of joining NATO, according to the SVT television network.

Said “there is a large majority in the Swedish Congress” that is in favor of joining NATO.

Andersson stressed on Monday at a press conference with the leader of the opposition Moderate Party, Ulf Kristersson, that the country “is leaving an era to enter a new”. Andersson’s formation had already advanced throughout the weekend that it supported the measure.

After that, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, ruled out that the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO poses a direct threat to the security of Moscow, since “he has no problems with those countries”, although he advanced that They will “undoubtedly” respond to this “endless expansionist policy” of the Alliance.

Thus, he argued that Moscow’s reaction “will depend on the nature of the threats that arise”, while accusing Western countries of creating a problem “from scratch” and adding that therefore Moscow reserves the right to respond “consequently”. “This will certainly require our additional attention,” she noted.

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, said Sunday that the military organization values ​​increasing its presence in the Baltic region and even deploy troops in Sweden and Finlandto guarantee the security of the two Scandinavian countries as soon as they apply for NATO membership.

(With information from Europe Press Y Aristegui News)

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